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EPSRC Support by Research Areas in Theme (Information and Communication Technologies)

Research areas are used to describe EPSRC's portfolio of excellent long term research and high quality postgraduate training.

Grants are classified using one or more research areas. The number and value of grants listed below reflects how the theme portfolio in question is currently constituted.

Please note: this is a dynamic database reflecting the current grants portfolio by Research Area within a Theme. Therefore, the number and value of grants within a Research Area will not match exactly the thematic Research Area distributions given at EPSRC's portfolio.

Research AreaNumber of GrantsProportional Value (£)
Algebra1 284,711
Analytical Science8 2,837,397
Architecture and Operating Systems38 10,972,147
Artificial Intelligence Technologies109 32,715,727
Assistive Technology, Rehabilitation and Musculoskeletal Biomechanics7 753,374
Biological Informatics12 1,402,616
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering5 121,227
Biophysics and Soft Matter Physics2 416,774
Catalysis1 869,937
Chemical Biology and Biological Chemistry3 350,655
Clinical Technologies (excluding imaging)9 2,685,191
Combustion Engineering1 930,197
Computational & Theoretical Chemistry2 878,894
Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure4 1,469,939
Condensed Matter: Magnetism and Magnetic Materials4 638,014
Continuum Mechanics1 254,883
Control Engineering7 1,735,625
Databases13 2,352,810
Digital Signal Processing27 4,591,445
Electrical Motors and Drive / Electromagnetics2 1,172,189
Electrochemical Sciences3 978,309
End Use Energy Demand (Energy Efficiency)1 466,818
Engineering Design1 327,408
Functional Ceramics and Inorganics17 6,830,344
Geometry & Topology1 1,708,266
Graphene and Carbon Nanotechnology9 1,410,079
Graphics and Visualisation9 2,021,595
Ground Engineering2 764,235
Human Communication in ICT5 713,651
Human-Computer Interaction37 10,457,652
ICT Networks & Distributed Systems56 23,138,246
Image and Vision Computing36 14,169,214
Information Systems26 5,771,651
Light Matter Interaction and Optical Phenomena3 267,187
Logic and Combinatorics8 868,901
Manufacturing Technologies12 4,226,676
Materials Engineering - Ceramics2 721,548
Materials Engineering - Composites5 439,654
Materials For Energy Applications3 3,104,628
Mathematical Analysis2 785,050
Mathematical Aspects of Operational Research1 52,278
Mathematical Biology1 615,128
Mathematical Physics2 140,645
Medical Imaging (inc medical image and vision computing)5 1,182,401
Microelectronics Design43 13,597,356
Microelectronics Device Technology58 17,416,565
Microsystems9 2,412,553
Mobile Computing1 53,557
Music and Acoustic Technology14 4,842,609
Natural Language Processing25 6,602,246
Non CMOS Device Technology2 380,438
Non-Linear Systems2 747,396
Numerical Analysis2 1,262,133
Operational research7 2,509,587
Optical Communications21 16,430,438
Optical Devices and Subsystems41 28,730,576
Optoelectronic Devices and Circuits64 42,141,776
Out of EPSRC Remit9 1,060,505
Particle Technology1 1,976,669
Performance and Inspection of Mechanical Structures and Systems6 3,394,788
Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing14 2,799,477
Photonic Materials19 7,979,409
Plasma and Lasers1 77,223
Programming Languages and Compilers26 8,246,991
Quantum Devices, Components and Systems25 10,322,882
Quantum Optics and Information9 1,414,488
RF & Microwave Devices29 11,306,530
RF & MW Communications39 13,471,999
Robotics17 7,738,306
Sensors and Instrumentation29 11,807,554
Software Engineering30 10,395,939
Speech Technology11 1,008,922
Spintronics3 2,127,970
Statistics and Applied Probability9 5,661,327
Structural Engineering2 4,168,523
Superconductivity1 98,935
Synthetic Coordination Chemistry1 1,110,644
Theoretical Computer Science58 23,693,011
Verification and Correctness38 10,819,853
Vision, Hearing and Other Senses17 5,862,540
Water Engineering1 386,522