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EPSRC Support By Socio-economic Theme

EPSRC classifies the research it supports by socio-economic theme. This taxonomy has been used to classify all grants current on 1st January 2003 or received after this date.

Please note that the assignment of a theme to a grant indicates that the theme may apply in whole or in part to the research activity of that grant. This means that the values of grants within a classification should not be totalled to find the total investment in that area or to compare investment between areas of research. The value shown for each grant is always the total awarded, not the proportion attributed to the individual socio-economic theme.
Socio-economic ThemeNumber of GrantsValue (£)
Big Data Analytics49 140,913,638
Climate Change30 94,667,376
CO2Chem GC4 3,143,350
Crime Prevention and Personal Security64 75,052,505
Cross-Disciplinarity and Co-Creation45 104,811,659
Cross-ICT: MACDES5 8,581,298
Cross-ICT: New and Emerging31 40,834,911
Cross-ICT: Photonics for Future Systems16 22,152,545
Cross-ICT: TI324 36,565,449
Cross-ICT: Working Together45 68,745,663
Culture22 67,486,705
Data-Enabled Decision Making27 57,642,639
Defence81 210,779,892
Dial A Molecule GC46 71,449,818
Digital Economy139 258,334,220
Directed Assembly GC23 25,021,061
Energy536 1,051,159,287
Eng GC - Atoms to applications16 234,647,736
Eng GC - Cities39 98,916,951
Eng GC - Risk and resilience67 102,947,586
Eng GC - Water33 52,945,973
Forensics5 15,145,156
Future Intelligent Technologies30 92,953,168
Health454 750,319,753
Healthcare GC - Developing Future Therapies140 233,905,756
Healthcare GC - Frontiers of Physical Intervention80 136,843,356
Healthcare GC - Optimising Treatment210 304,677,253
Healthcare GC - Transforming Community Health and Care54 109,199,348
International Development16 16,623,020
Leisure5 19,213,710
Manufacturing Research437 917,949,800
Mobility23 77,108,929
Nanotechnology84 141,465,724
New and Emerging Areas8 37,794,375
No relevance to Socio-economic Themes1,088 1,025,222,002
People at the Heart of ICT28 27,229,655
Physics GC - Far from Equilibrium46 46,778,695
Physics GC - Nanoscale Design47 268,634,735
Physics GC - Physics of Life39 52,257,981
Physics GC - Quantum Technologies110 136,307,787
Safe and Secure ICT58 94,975,701
Sustainability130 266,042,256
Transport64 224,632,734
Urban Living25 48,746,232
Wealth12 35,225,868

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).