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Welcome to the EPSRC Grants on the Web facility which provides information about research and training grants supported by EPSRC.

The Progress Checker functionality is no longer available in Grants on the Web, as this functionality is now available through the Pre-Award Tracker in JeS. If you want to comment on the Pre-Award Tracker, please post your comments on the JeS Discussion Forum. For other queries about it, please contact the JeS HelpDesk.

Please note that Grants on the Web is a dynamic tool and the information is updated accordingly. Therefore, while the data displayed is as accurate and up to date as possible, care should be taken when making comparisons with static data held elsewhere on the EPSRC website.

Where researchers have provided EPSRC with the data for any grant, past or current, Grants on the Web now displays the available information describing the Key Findings as well as a summary of any impact(s), potential use(s) in non-academic contexts, relevant sectors and a URL giving access to more detailed information*.

The available enquiries are listed below:

We welcome feedback on the type of information you want to be able to access, as well as the overall utility of this service. Please send comments to and your feedback will be used to inform future developments of the Grants on the Web service.

Details of the system, as well as definitions of the data and how it is presented, are summarised in the Grants on the Web User Guide.

* 'Key Findings' and other information on research outcomes reproduced on this site is displayed as submitted by researchers directly to the RCUK Research Outcomes System (ROS)