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EPSRC Support by Socio-economic Theme in Physics GC - Nanoscale Design

EPSRC classifies the research it supports by socio-economic theme. This taxonomy has been used to classify all grants current on 1st January 2003 or received after this date.

Please note that the assignment of a theme to a grant indicates that the theme may apply in whole or in part to the research activity of that grant. This means that the values of grants within a classification should not be totalled to find the total investment in that area or to compare investment between areas of research. The value shown for each grant is always the total awarded, not the proportion attributed to the individual socio-economic theme.

Grant TitlePrincipal
OrganisationDepartmentTotal Grant
Value (£)
A Diamond Bridge to Phase Slip PhysicsKlemencic, Dr GCardiff UniversitySchool of Physics and Astronomy 202,437
A hybrid precision manufacturing platform for next-generation of nanoscale productsLuo, Professor XUniversity of StrathclydeDesign Manufacture and Engineering Man 766,513
A New Window for the Control and Measurement of Quantum SystemsPugh, Dr EUniversity of KentSch of Physical Sciences 202,591
Designer Quantum Materials - Thermodynamics and TransportRost, Dr A WUniversity of St AndrewsPhysics and Astronomy 1,220,782
Electric Fields by 4D scanning transmission electron microscopySanchez, Professor AUniversity of WarwickPhysics 975,473
Expanded access to the Exeter time resolved magnetism (EXTREMAG) facilityHicken, Professor RUniversity of ExeterPhysics 186,020
Exploiting the anion Chemistry of solids for Future Advanced Functional Materials: Core-to-Core Project on Mixed Anion Research for Energy ConversionClarke, Professor SJUniversity of OxfordOxford Chemistry 1,023,098
Exploring Electronic Materials with Extreme ConditionsAttfield, Professor JPUniversity of EdinburghSch of Chemistry 986,868
From rings to nanostructuresWinpenny, Professor REUniversity of Manchester, TheChemistry 1,463,518
International network to explore novel superconductivity at advanced oxide superconductor/magnet interfaces and in nanodevicesRobinson, Professor JJWUniversity of CambridgeMaterials Science & Metallurgy 684,502
Magnetic Properties Measurement System for Manchester and National EPR FacilityMcInnes, Professor EJLUniversity of Manchester, TheChemistry 732,173
nanoscanCBTRost, Dr A WUniversity of St AndrewsPhysics and Astronomy 201,842
New Quantum Materials from High Pressure SynthesisAttfield, Professor JPUniversity of EdinburghSch of Chemistry 746,997
Organic Magnet Mediated Spintronic Heat-Energy ExchangeWoodward, Professor SUniversity of NottinghamSch of Chemistry 189,108
Photonics @ Interface: Heterogeneous Integrations for Generation, Detection, Conversion, and Modulationcharlton, Professor MDBUniversity of SouthamptonElectronics and Computer Science 1,143,280
Probing the States of Single Molecules for Sensing and Multi-value Memory ApplicationsPaul, Professor DJUniversity of GlasgowSchool of Engineering 1,581,050
Quantum Effects in Electronic Nanodevices (QuEEN)Anderson, Professor HLUniversity of OxfordMaterials 5,296,044
Semiconductor lasers on a graphSapienza, Professor RImperial College LondonPhysics 782,468
Shapeshifting Molecular MaterialsMcGonigal, Dr P RDurham, University ofChemistry 202,277
Sir Henry Royce Institute - Manchester and NNL EquipmentSchroder, Professor MUniversity of Manchester, TheEngineering and Physical Sciences 51,000,000
Sir Henry Royce Institute - recurrent grantwithers, Professor PUniversity of Manchester, TheEngineering and Physical Sciences 52,313,935
Solid-state chemistry for transition-metal oxides: Exploring for new materials with novel functionalitiesAttfield, Professor JPUniversity of EdinburghSch of Chemistry 679,379
Synthetic Antiferromagnetic SkyrmionsMarrows, Professor CHUniversity of LeedsPhysics and Astronomy 815,630
Synthetic Antiferromagnetic SkyrmionsMcVitie, Professor SUniversity of GlasgowSchool of Physics and Astronomy 733,742
TERASWITCH - Towards low dissipation THz-induced switching of magnetic materialsOstler, Dr TASheffield Hallam UniversityCollege of Business, Technology & Eng 228,352
Theoretical Condensed Matter Cambridge - Critical Mass GrantPayne, Professor MCUniversity of CambridgePhysics 2,997,306
Topological control of soft matter using novel nano-replication manufacturingJones, Professor CUniversity of LeedsPhysics and Astronomy 1,046,439
Van der Waals Heterostructures of 2D MaterialsFalko, Professor VUniversity of Manchester, ThePhysics and Astronomy 1,572,966
York: Transforming Research-Oriented Software EngineeringHasnip, Dr PJUniversity of YorkPhysics 810,261

Total Number of Grants: 30
Total Value of Grants: £132,369,263

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).